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Join Us at GOF-South 2023

& NAMGAR Regional

April 20 Through April 23, 2023

We had a Wonderful Time at GOF-South 2022. As Geoffrey Chaucer, the English Poet said: "Time and Tide Wait for No Man." The GOF-South 2023 Planning Team had no time to procrastinate and Shifted Gears to move forward to GOF-South 2023. The Team worked diligently to bring all MG Enthusiast's a wonderful event in April 2023.

GOF-South 2023 welcomes all MG cars from the Marque's production conception in the Abingdon Works, a few Later Models, and nominated Classic Variants. In addition, we have teamed up with the North American MGA Register to Showcase the MGA series cars by featuring a NAMGAR Regional Event within GOF-South 2023.  

Your GOF-South Host

MG Classics of Jacksonville


Registration Now Open

To Register Click on the Computer Icon >>>>>

No Excuses: You have sufficient time to complete those upgrades to your MG or finish that Project Car you've been working on for years in time for GOF-South 2023.

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