Blueberry Run

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On Your Way Home

County is home to many blueberry farms, five of which are a close drive from the Mission Inn.  Fresh-picked blueberries are a treat that is available for only a few weeks.  Fortunately, this occurs during the time that GOF South is visiting Lake County.


A trip to one of these farms on your way home on Sunday will add adventure and some delicious goodies to your GOF experience.

  • Atwood Family Farms U-Pick, 36111 N. CR 44A, Eustis, 352/630-0145


  • King Grove Organic Farm, 19714 CR 44A, Eustis, 352/589-2450


  • Far Reach Ranch Heavenly Blueberries, 1255 S. Dora Road, Tavares, 352/343-7389


  • Lake Catherine Blueberries, 5849 Lake Catherine Road, Groveland, 352/551-4110


  • Blue Bayou Farm, 8222A CR 48, Yalaha, 352/324-4069

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