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!! Early Bird Discount Rate and Room Upgrades !!  

Enjoy a Special Discounted Room Rate for MG Owners attending GOF-South. We also have a number of Upgraded rooms available at the Standard room rate for MG Owners.

This Room Upgrade opportunity is Reserved for MG Owners who Register for the GOF and Pay Online early.

This Room Upgrade has a time and room availability Limit.
Be an Early Bird and Register for the GOF now to get an Upgraded Room.

To Book an Upgraded Room at the Discounted Room Rate you must Register and Pay your Registration Invoice Online. If you Elect to request a Room at the Host Hotel during the Event Registration process a Password will be Presented to you. Your Password will print out on the Auto-receipt eMail that will be sent to you after Submitting your Registration and Paying your Invoice Online.

Use the Password to obtain an Upgraded Room at the Event Discounted Room rate of $119 + Taxes. The Password will be printed on the eMail you will receive confirming your Online Event Registration and Payment.

If you have registered and paid to attend the event, have made a Request for a Hotel Room at the Best Western, select the Button below to Book your Upgraded Room. The Button takes you to a Password protected Webpage that has a Login Form similar to that shown to enter Your Hotel Booking Password. Entering the Password and Clicking on the 'Go' Button will take you to the Customized Hotel Room Booking Form.

PLEASE NOTE: Your Password is Unique to you and will expire after 48 Hours after which time Your Password will no longer work to access the Online Hotel Booking System. 

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