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We have an Excellent Selection of Drives for you to Visit 
Intriguing Destinations

There are many opportunities to enjoy driving your MG and visiting interesting sites in and around Gainesville; more than will fit into one weekend. Select the drives that meet your interests, then fill your GOF-South agenda with your selected destinations. Specific days are suggested for each Rallye or Drive, however, some may be run on any day. Select and schedule them to fit your individual program. All Drives will have detailed Self-drive instructions.

Travel Solo or corral a few of your friends and drive as a small group.

Click on Octagon Garage Image to View Rallye's and Dive's General Instructions


Tweed DriveThe Tweed Drive will leave the Best Western for dinner and libations at a British pub, The Queen’s Arms. The coordinated drive will leave from the front of the Best Western at 6:00 pm. Or, you can use self-guided instructions and leave at a time convenient for you.  Tweed attire and a jovial spirit are essential.  (Distance 7 miles from the Best Western.)

Click on Gentleman's Image for Further Tweed Drive Information

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MGA Meet & Greet Dinner - A drive to a Local pub for MGA Owners and their MGs to 'Meet and Greet' each other before GOF-South business commences. Proposed time to leave the Best Western is 5:30pm; however, everyone will drive on their own schedule. Destination is the Crafty Bastards Craft Beer Restaurant and Pub serving Traditional American Food and a couple of British delicacies. (Distance approximately 5 Miles from the Best Western).

Click on the Outline of the MGA for the Route Information to the Crafty Bastards Restaurant


Multiple drives are offered on Friday to meet participants’ interests and time frames. The adventurous may be able to accomplish more than one of the shorter routes. All of the Friday drives have opportunities for lunch.

MGA Sketch.png

MGA Rallye to Fanning Springs - This drive is for the MGA owners and their cars out to the little town of Fanning Springs for lunch at the Lighthouse Restaurant. The drive is approximately 34 miles one way, due west of Gainesville. The drive will take route 26, a two-lane road avoiding major highways. Friday 11:30am Departure from the Best Western.

Click on the Outline of the MGA for the Route Information for Lighthouse Restaurant in Fanning Springs

Tweed Drive to Tea Time, Tranquility & Treasures – Wear your tweed and plan on lunch or an afternoon tea and pastry at a proper British Tea Room in a preserved Victorian mansion in Alachua.  (10 miles from BW)

Click on Gentleman's Image for Further Tweed Drive Information

Devil’s Millhopper State Park and Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo – Two experiences in one drive.  Of course, you may visit only one of the locations if you wish. (16 mile round trip)

Click on MG Tourist's Image for Further Information

Kanapaha Logo copy.jpg

Kanapaha Botanical Gardens – One of the most beautiful gardens in Florida with many different environments of plants. Lunch can be had on the way (or return) or you can buy a sub and enjoy a picnic in the park. (10 miles from BW)

Click on Kanapaha Gardens Logo for Further Drive Information


O’Leno State Park – Participants will leave the Best Western following the rallye instructions to O’Leno State Park. A picnic lunch will be provided. Pre-registration is required for an accurate count and the purchasing of the box lunches. Caravans will leave from the show field at 12:15 and 12:30, or leave on your own schedule following the rallye instructions. (26 miles from the BW)

Click on MG Tourist's Image for Further Information


Restaurant Recommendations - Two restaurants are suggested, One Love Café’ and Crafty Bastards Pub. Both are located in Magnolia Parke. Directions are available by clicking on the icon at left. It is a pretty drive of about 5 miles.

Click on MG Tourist's Image for Route Instructions to Crafty Bastards and One Love Cafe

A choice of two rallyes are offered on Saturday. One is to a park with a picnic lunch provided, the other to a small town known for antique shops and restaurants.

Antiquing in High Springs – This small town, northwest of Gainesville, is known for its antique shops and many interesting restaurants. Join your fellow MGers for an antique search and lunch.  (19 miles f

rom the BW)

Click on MG Tourists Image for Further Drive Information


There are blueberry farms that can be visited on your way back home. One is located northeast of the Best Western, toward Jacksonville, a second to the north is near I-75 and Lake City, and the third is south near the town of Williston. Rallye instructions are not provided for these farms, just put the farm name in your GPS/Smart phone.  


Amber Brooke Farms – South, near Williston. – TThis is more than a blueberry farm; it is an experience to be remembered. They describe themselves as an Agritourism Destination.  Multiple varieties of blueberries are offered in meticulously maintained gardens. Restaurant onsite and live music. If you are not up to picking, they have fresh packaged blueberries you can purchase. (credit card only) Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday, 10 am – 4 pm.  3250 NE 140th Ave., Williston, FL 32696  

Santa Fe Blueberry Farm North, near Waldo and US 301. Your GPS should give you a back road route to this farm. When leaving the farm, US 301 and destinations to the northeast are easy. 8910 E County Road 225, Alachua, FL  32609: 352/468-2951; 352/281-1559.

Hipp FarmsNorth, near I-75, south of Lake City. Only a short side trip off I-75 north to this quality u-pick farm. (cash only)  7040 SW 49th Ave, Lake Butler, FL  32054 (352) 222-1515.

Detailed Drive & Rallye Route Instructions for each Drive are available to Download

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