Smart Phone Help

A few Smart Phone Users have been confused when attempting to Navigate this Website using a Smart Phone. The Website is configured to display the same information using a Smart Phone as is seen using a Desktop, Laptop, or Smart Phone. However, in some cases the pages may look different. You are able to use a Smart Phone to review all the content of the Website and you may also Register for the event using your Phone. 

Fortunately it is simple, you must use the Menu Symbol to expose a list of all the Pages as shown in the images below:

Website Menu

Click on the Menu and a List of Pages appears

Click on those items on the list and they expand to display sub-items.

Click on any item on the list and the page relevant to the Item will be displayed.

Click on the X in the Circle and you will be transported back to the Home page.

Click on Events and the List of Events appears. Click on the event of choice and you are transported to the appropriate page covering that Event item.