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Florida NAMGAR Regional GT

What to Expect at the Florida Regional

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The Regional GT will begin on Thursday evening with the Meet & Greet, in a venue more festive and fun than the traditional hotel meeting room - Crafty Bastards. This restaurant will be an experience and an enjoyable place to meet new and old friendsover great food and beverages. The “crafty” part of the restaurant’s name comes from its focus on craft beer – 55 varieties on tap. The menu is filled with delicious options, including appropriate British Fare of Shepard’s Pie and Fish ‘n Chips. Plans are for everyone to arrive on their own at 6:00 pm, but some may choose an early arrival to experience more of the offerings.


Friday morning will have a MGA-focused session, presented by NAMGAR Technical Editor, Bruce Woodson. The topic is “common fuel issues in the MGA and how to overcome them when traveling.”  It is scheduled to begin at 10:00 am. (You may want to arrive early to get a good seat since some non-MGA folks may try to sneak in.)


At 11:30 am Friday, the MGAs will leave on a drive to the tiny town of Fanning Springs. The route will travel the back roads of Alachua and Gilchrist Counties to the Suwannee River. The group will join together again over food at the Lighthouse Restaurant.  Fanning Springs State Park is across from the restaurant for those wanting to experience Natural Florida as it was when the Spanish first arrived. 


All of the GOF South 2023 activities are available to the NAMGAR attendees. There will be another Meet & Greet, more technical seminars, and the big car show on Saturday morning. Many rallyes and drives are available, including: a picnic at O’Leno State Park, Antiquing in High Springs, Devil’s Millhopper State Park, Kanapaha Botanical Gardens, and the Florida Museum of Natural History.


A technical session will be held during the car show. Glenn Lenhard, of Glenn’s MG and British Car Repair, will explain common issues, best solutions, and answer questions about maintaining your MG, while examining MGs on the show field.  Volunteer your MGA for the walking seminar and get a professional evaluation while everyone admires your car.

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