Rallye de Montagne

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Saturday After the Show or Self Guided Anytime

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The challenging “Rallye de Montagne” is a soaring climb to the top of the highest mountain on the Florida peninsula and the most prominent spot in the entire state.  This route will take you to the peak of Sugarloaf Mountain and by Green Mountain.  The roads are perfect for the enjoyment of driving your MG.


You can begin the rallye at the time convenient to your schedule, any time after the car show. The route instructions are written so that the rallye is self-guided.  You will meet up with other MGs at the lunch stops and at the mountain peak.


Three Different Routes - Due to the amazingly high popularity of the Rallye de Montagne, three routes have been developed to reduce the number of cars on the roads at one time.  Each route is different, but all routes converge at the top of Sugarloaf Mountain.  The three routes also provide for three different choices for lunch along the way.


Yalaha Route – A curvy short run will bring you past the Yalaha German Bakery.   After lunch, you will continue on to Sugarloaf Mountain.  There is a wide assortment of baked goodies, many options for lunch, and a German beer garden.


Boondocks Route – While you will be indeed driving through the boondocks, this route gets its name from the restaurant you will pass by – JB Boondocks Bar & Grill.  The restaurant is located on the edge of Lake Harris and was once a fish camp.  Interesting atmosphere and good food. 


Lake Idamere Route – A straight shot across the Lake Harris bridge and a right turn -will bring you to Lake Idamere Park.  A crew from the Classic MG Club will be catering a lunch of sandwiches, sides, and beverages.  Enjoy lunch with your MG friends in a park setting. To provide an accurate count and to finance the lunch, a $15 fee must be paid on the registration form.  Advance registration is required for this route.


Rallye Route and Instructions will be posted Later