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The winding tree-covered two-lane backroads, beauty, and history of Lake County are made for open-top MG rallyes!  Don’t miss the group rallyes plus self-guided tours.

General Instructions for Rallyes and Drives

Rallye Instructions are written in a shorthand to make them easier to read, more direct, and quicker to comprehend.  A guide to the terminology and gaining general knowledge of the area are covered

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in the General Instructions.  No matter the Rallyes you choose, the General Instructions are a must-read.


 Yalaha Run "THE WORLD’S SHORTEST RALLYE!" Self-guided anytime

Every drive in our MGs is exciting, even a short one.  The World’s Shortest Rallye is an entertaining short route on MG-type back roads with hills and curves to the world-famous Yalaha German Bakery for a German breakfast, a sandwich, or beer and a “bretzel.”  This self-guided tour can be taken at any time before, during, or after the GOF

"TWEED DRIVE": A Proper British Drive to a Proper British Restaurant 

This is a group drive leaving from the Mission Inn Friday morning. All participants will be dressed in Tweed or period attire and will share lunch together at the British restaurant, Windor Rose, in downtown Mt. Dora. This drive is limited in the number of participants to match available seating at the restaurant. Friday 10.30am


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"MT. DORA MEANDER:" Friday at your chosen lunch time Or self-guided anytime

A casual tour of the back roads of Lake County, with the major destination being the historic and quaint town of Mount Dora and a stop in Tavares, America’s Seaplane City.


Many great restaurants are available for lunch and the downtown is easily walkable and filled with shops and history.  

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"RALLYE de MONTAGNE": Saturday after the Car Show

OR Depart when you want.

The challenging “Rallye de Montagne” is a soaring climb to the top of the highest mountain on the Florida peninsula and the most prominent spot in the entire state.

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A great drive for the quick-handling MG. Due to the amazingly high popularity of the Rallye de Montagne, three routes have been developed to reduce the number of cars on the roads at one time.   All three lead to the mountain top. 

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Lake County is home to many blueberry farms, five of which are a close drive from the Mission Inn.  Fresh-picked blueberries are a treat that is available for only a few weeks.  Fortunately, this occurs during the time that GOF South is visiting Lake County.

A visit to one of these farms on your way home on Sunday will add adventure and some delicious goodies to your GOF experience.

Link to A List Of Blueberry Farms