Welcome to GOF-South Registration Details Page
You may Elect to Register and Pay On-line Using Your Personal Paypal Account or Credit Card, or Register On-line and Elect to Pay by Personal Check


Advantages of On-line Registration:

You will be making Multiple choices as you work through the Registration Form, all with a cost associated with each unique choice you make. At the end of the Form there is a 'Calculate' Button, clicking on the Button calculates the total cost of your choices. No requirement to calculate the Cost yourself, all the work is done for you. The Total Cost is displayed for your review before submitting the Registration Form. After submitting the Registration Form you will automatically receive a copy of completed Form by eMail. 

Advantages of On-line Payment.

The Calculated Total Cost of your Choices is automatically transferred to the Payment Processor. All you have to do is complete the details of your Credit Card or Paypal Account in the Secure Payment processor environment and your payment transaction is complete. You will automatically receive a Transaction receipt from the payment Processor.


Payment by Personal Check.

If you are uncomfortable making On-line payments we will accept a Personal Check. Of course, you will have to mail in your Check with a copy of your completed Registration Form. 

Payment by Credit Card or Personal Paypal Account is Secure. You will be Transferred to the Paypal Secure Payment Gateway to complete your Payment Transaction. No Financial information associated with your Payment Transaction is held on this Website, your Payment Transaction is processed within the Paypal Secure Payment Processor. 


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GOF-South 2022 On-line. I do all the Calculations for You, no Requirement for a Calculator. I show you how much Your Registration will Cost and Display your Invoice


Want to Go Old School?

Find your Abacus because you must Calculate your Invoice Value for your Check.

Click on the Icon below for a Paper Registration Form. The Address to Mail your Form and Check is on the Paper Registration Form

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