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To Skip the Notes and Go Directly to the Registration Form. Click on the Computer Icon Below:

Registration Notes

There are many options and choices to be made on the Online Registration Form. Please read all Notes displayed on the Form carefully to insure your Registration is correct.


We encourage you to read all items on the Top menu of the Website before Registering to have an idea of all the features of the GOF event.


Some Fields are marked with a small Red *. These are mandatory Fields. You must either add text to the field or make a specific selection. If you try to skip a mandatory field you will be unable to continue until you complete the text field or make a required selection. The software will highlight where you omitted to select a Mandatory Field so you can fix your error.


There are a large number of options and pay selections. However, the complexity is mitigated by the use of Conditional Logic in the Software. Making a unique selection may either hide the display of other options not relevant, or sometimes display additional text and information fields to help guide you through the registration process. This results in the From only displaying information relevant to your unique choices.


It all sounds very complex: It really isn’t, the complexity has been programed out and only deals with your unique choices. In fact you can even Register using your Smart Phone without having to Scroll right. Personally I like to work through the Registration using my Laptop or Desktop but I am a Dinosaur.


If you have any issues during your Registration process please use the ‘CONTACT US’ Button on the Top Menu of the Website so we may help you.

Click on the Computer Icon to go Directly to the Registration Form >>>

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