The Benefits of Sponsorship

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This Schedule is a guideline for Sponsorship and involvement of Vendors at the GOF. It is intended as a Guide, and not absolute. Good judgement and an eye to benefitting all involved must be the focus, not just benefitting the Sponsor. Vendors and Sponsors that have been in beneficial relationships with the The Classic MG Club will be given favorable evaluation.


Platinum Sponsor: $1,000 Cash or $1,000 Item Donation

Gold Sponsor: $500 Cash or $500 Item Donation

Major Sponsor: $250 Cash or $500 Item Donation

Sponsor: $100 Cash or $200 Item Donation

Supporter: Anything of significance less than the above, including members Donations to Raffle

Adverts in GOF Program, Banquet Program, and on the Event Website:

Full Page Advert: Platinum and Gold Sponsor

Half Page Advert: Major Sponsor(s)

Listing By Category: All Others

Goodie Bags:

Vendor Marketing Items of Useful Value: Free

Vendor Supplied Single Sheet Adverts or Brochures: $40

Vendor Tables - Inside (Hospitality Room, Hallway). Outside (Car Show)

Sponsors and Above: Free

Others: Inside $100, Outside Free