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GOF-South 2023 Terms of Service




Terms of Service

Terms of Service, Terms of Use, and Terms & Conditions are used interchangeably in GOF-South communications and have the same meaning and relate to the information below.:

This website is provided "as is", without any representations or warranties, express or implied. MG Classics of Jacksonville (MG Club) makes no representations or warranties in relation to this website, or the information and materials provided on this website.

Without prejudice, to the generality of the foregoing paragraph, the MG Club does not warrant that:

  • This website will be constantly available, or available at all; or

  • The information on this website is complete, true, accurate, or non-misleading.


The MG Club will not be liable to you, under law of contact, the law of torts, or otherwise, in relation to the contents of, or use of, or otherwise in connection with this website, or other Online facilities supplied by the MG Club.​

Your eMail address will be made available for the use of Officers, and other members of the MG Club, GOF-South 2023 Management Team, to communicate information about GOF-South 2023 activities and other important messages related to the GOF. This will be done in an anonymous manner, so as not to expose your eMail address to other parties listed in the database, or third parties. We will not provide your eMail address to any third parties without your consent. 

This Website includes a Secure Contact Relationship Management (CRM) module where registrants and prospective registrants details are stored as a Contact Master File. It should be noted that no Financial details are included in the contact information in the Contact Master File. 


This Website includes a Push Marketing module that is used to alert Contacts of various items related to the GOF-South activities of interest to contacts. All Contacts are automatically signed up to receive Push Marketing 'Shoutouts'. The Shoutout messages do include a message to Unsubscribe. Those receiving a Shoutout who wish to Unsubscribe must use the Unsubscribe link on the Shoutout to be removed from the Specific Shoutout category.

This website is provided free of charge. If you do not find Terms of Service, as defined above, acceptable then you must not use this website. 

Release of Liability

It is the Entrant's privilege to participate GOF-South 2023 and its posted events. In consideration for the granting of this privilege, on executing proper registration, and paying the entry fee, the Registrant herby agrees to the following release of liability:

"I hereby agree to participate in GOF-South 2023. In consideration of the right, and privilege to enter, and participate, and other valuable consideration, and intending to be legally bound, I agree to release MG Classics of Jacksonville, its Officers, the GOF-South 2023 organizing committee, MG Club members, and all GOF-South 2023 participants from any and all liability for injuries, damage, or loss arising from my entry, attendance and participation in the event".

Privacy Statement

This website does use Cookies. The Cookies are used to enable you to access and navigate the website in a speedier fashion. The website cookies are not used to track a website user's browsing history. You may remove all Cookies stored by your web browser. To find out how, Google how to remove cookies from your specific web browser.

Personal information posted on this site, such as an email address, telephone number, name, or address is done with the consent of the owner of the information. We do not pass on any personal information to third parties. Third parties may access the public elements of the site, and view posted information. We cannot be held responsible for any action, or use of the information, by said third parties.

The Club Officers and the GOF-South 2023 Organizing Committee do have access to your eMail address for the purpose of communicating details of the events, changes to details, and other necessary communications required for the efficient running of GOF-South 2023, as defined above.

By registering for this event you grant the GOF-South 2023 Organizing Team the right to add your Registration Details to the GOF-South MG Owners database to allow us to notify you of future GOF-South events, or related events that the organizers believe will be of interest to you as a British Classic Car owner. You may Unsubscribe to the database at any time by notifying the Organizing Team using the 'Contact Us' Form on this Website. Confidentiality is maintained per this Privacy Policy.

'This website does contains links to websites owned, and operated by third parties. We cannot vouch for the privacy policies of such third party sites, and information obtained by them, as they are not covered by this privacy policy. You use such third party websites at your own risk.

Raincheck Policy

GOF-South 2023 is a "Rain or Shine" event. It is not practical to arrange a Raincheck date. Pre-paid Fees cannot be refunded. The event will take place irrespective of the weather unless conditions are considered dangerous. It is the decision of the Registrant if they wish to take part. If the Registrant decides to withdraw from the event, the Registrant will forfeit their right to a refund.​

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