The Car Shows
First Timers: Friday 5 PM
Main Show: Saturday 8 AM 



First Timer: A First-timer is defined as an MG owner who brings a car that he owns to a GOF-South for the first time. The fact that other owners have brought the same car to a GOF-South doesn't have any effect on the new owner's ability to enter the car as a First-timer. All First-timer MGs', regardless of model will compete in one class at the First-timers Show on Friday.

The Main Show

Premier Division: Once a car has won first place in its class, it will advance to the Premier Class and be displayed in that class in the next three GOFs South, after which it will return to its regular class. If there is a change in ownership of a car or it undergoes a restoration, then it will return to its regular class. It will be up to the host club to determine what constitutes a restoration.

The Main Show is Open to all Registered MG's, including any MG displayed in the First-Timer Show. Depending upon the Model each MG will be assigned a specific Class for Judging purposes. Each Class will be defined by Model so that all MGs' participating will be judged against similar cars of the same model. The exceptions will be MGs registered in the Premier Class.

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