The Tweed Drive

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Friday 10.30am

Nothing is more fun than celebrating your MG in period dress.Nothing is more enjoyable than an authentic British meal with your MG Friends.

Join the Tweed Drive to Mt. Dora and lunch at The Windsor Rose Tea Room to be a part of the merriment – Leaves the Mission Inn, Friday, 10:30 AM.  Requirements:

1. Dress in Tweed or Period Dress

2. Bring your sense of humor and your love of life

3. Be prepared to celebrate MG's and British heritage

While a new activity to GOF South, one that may become an annual event. Tweed Drives are not new;  they happen around the world, London and St. Petersburg, Florida are two of the cities that hold Tweed Drives every year.  Check out their events by Clicking on the Video Icons: 


Yes, these folks lack the required MG and had to accomplish the drive on a bicycle, calling their event a “ride” or a ”run,” but the fun and festivity are the same.


Limited to 15 MGs and 30 people to match available seating at The Windsor Rose.


Drive Leaders: Dan & Judy Duran


Tweed Drive Instructions to be posted later.