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Tweed Drive

 A Proper British Drive

   to a Proper British Restaurant and Pub

 Thursday, 6:00 pm, and Friday, noon 

 Nothing is more British than Tweed.


Nothing is more fun than celebrating your MG while wearing Tweed.


Nothing is more enjoyable than an authentic British meal with your MG mates.


The Tweed Drive was so popular at the GOF South 2022, that 2 Tweed Drives are offered in 2023. On Thursday afternoon, join the Tweed Drive to the Queen’s Arm Pub to be a part of the merriment (Old Speckled Hen on tap) – Leaves the Best Western, Thursday, 6:00 pm. Or, later on your own. Requirements:

  1. Dress in Tweed

  2. Bring your sense of humor and your love of life

  3. Be prepared to celebrate MGs and British heritage

On Friday, the Tweed Drive will be to Teatime, Tranquility, and Treasures in Alachua. Leave around noon, at a time convenient for you.


Tweed events happen around the world - London and St. Petersburg, Florida are two of the cities that hold Tweed Drives every year. Check out their events at the links below.

Yes, these folks lack the required MG and had to accomplish the drive on a bicycle, calling their event a “ride” or a ”run,” but the fun and festivity are the same.

Click here on the icons to print the rallye instructions:

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