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Tweed Drive
Friday, April 21, 2023

Tea Room.jpg
English Tea.jpg

Teatime Tranquility & Treasures

A Proper English Tea Room !


The Tweed Drives on Friday will be to Teatime, Tranquility & Treasures, a tea room located in a historic 1898 Victorian mansion.  It is a beautiful house, well decorated, serving wonderful food in a welcoming, period atmosphere.  You may choose to enjoy lunch or an afternoon tea and pastry. Of course, it will be more fun when dressed in Tweed.

Tea Table.jpg

There will be a reserved parking lot for MGs, providing photo opportunities and time to share our special cars.  Two rooms in the house will be reserved for MG patrons so that everyone will be able to sit together and enjoy the MG comradery.

Follow the rallye instructions to drive through country roads to Alachua and the Tea Room.  This will be a drive at your convenience rather than a convoy.

To Print a copy of the Route instructions from the website Click on the Our Menu Image

GOF South LVII, Best Western, Gainesville, April 20-23, 2023, MG Classics of Jacksonville © 2023

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