What is GOF-South!

Gathering of the Faithful: GOF-South 2020

Maybe there are a few folks who are wondering just what all the excitement is about. So, for the edification of the “still wondering,” here is a short explanation of a GOF-South.


The Gathering of the Faithful (GOF) was a term coined in the mid-1960s. The intention of a GOF was, and remains to this day, a gathering to bring together experienced and novice MG owners and enthusiasts to share Technical and Parts information.


The Car show is not so much a competition but an opportunity for MG owners to show off their Pride and Joy. No matter if your MG is a basket case, a work in progress, your daily driver, or a Trailer Queen it will be most welcome. The Information sharing feature is the reason for a GOF. The fun, the comradery, an excellent resort as a base of operations, makes it a fine long weekend.


A GOF-South is the premier annual MG event in Florida and has been held for 52 years. Two Florida MG clubs based in Florida, the Classic MG Club of Florida, and MG Classics of Jacksonville, are responsible for hosting the event with a different club hosting each year. What we, at the Classic MG Club of Orlando, have in store for GOF-South 2022 may be seen in the 'Schedule' accessible by Clicking on the Schedule Tab on the Top Menu.


This is the primary event of the MG Owners and Enthusiasts year so please dust off the MG, or fuel up the family iron, and join us for a fun-filled weekend. That is what owning an MG is all about. Enjoying the fellowship, friendship, and hardship that is part and parcel owning one of these little British cars.